Vibrating Foam Rollers

Vibrating Foam Rollers-Guidelines

A foam roller is used to massage and stretch muscles. The technique is called Self Myofascial Release. Rolling on the foam roll increases the flexibility of the muscles and facilitates the recovery of muscles. A common problem among runners is so-called löparknä. Deep-massing and stretching the IT-band using the foam roller has helped many runners to get rid of the pain. The foam roller can also be used as a pilates ball for stability exercises, for example for bonfire stability.

The surface means a lot

If you just bought a foam roller and want to use it at home, it could mean the world if you roll on a rug, a wooden floor or a mat. For SMR on a foam roller, it is best to make a hard surface. At least if you want a hard massage. If you are a beginner, it may be nice to start out on a rug. But the massage will become less intense and you will be easier to roll off along the way. Therefore, at Foamrollerguide.dk we recommend that you use your foam roller on a hard surface. Is it in the home, the floor is preferable without any mat or other surface in between. In the fitness center the flooring can be perfect. But avoid the yoga mat that most people choose to use. It's not optimal and you want to achieve optimal treatment? But important of all is that you roll where you feel comfortable. If you feel uncomfortable, you will not be able to relax enough to get a good massage. So if it makes you uncomfortable to roll on a wooden floor, try finding another hard option. Just keep in mind that the substrate has a big influence on the yield of the treatment you make with your foam roller.