Vibrating Foam Rollers

What is A Vibrating Foam Roller

A foam roller’s construction is a large round tube that is hard on the inside and covered with resistant foam on the outside. Its unique technique of stretching, known as Self-myofascial release allows removal of scar tissue and restores nimbleness to muscles and tissue.Do you want to learn more? Visit Pulseroll.com. It involves application of direct pressure to pressure points and specific areas of the body for releasing muscle tension and aiding in healing.Do you want to learn more? Visit Pulseroll.com. The rolling action of foam roller breaks adhesions and makes muscles elastic and healthy

How to use Foam Roller Many people use a foam roller only to heal their muscles using SMR technique. However, this versatile equipment can be used to tone all major muscle groups of the body. In the following section, we will provide guidance on how to use foam roller correctly: Step 1: Begin by sitting on a flat surface and placing the foam roller under the target body area. The foam roller can be used to tone quadriceps, lower back, lower thigh (Illiotibial Band) shoulders, upper back, chutes and abdominal area as well.

Step 2: Directly apply pressure to the target muscles using the roller. Begin with a loose grip and steadily increase the pressure over a few days. When rolling begins, pain will quickly rise as pressure is applied on scar tissue adhesions.

Step 3: Roll upwards and downwards over the targeted muscle along with applying pressure. Be slow in this movement to single out the tender area. This is the point where one experiences a sharp pain rising through the muscles.

Step 4: When you have found the tender spot, keep the roller firm in that place for 20 to 50 seconds until the pain disappears. This is where scar tissue has built up along the muscles, and will be one of many such spots.

Step 5: Continue rolling to the end of the target muscle area. Thereafter, roll back in the opposing direction and repeat these steps. Pause whenever you come across a painful area and be slow

What causes tight muscles and scar tissue build-up? A lot of factors contribute to the build up of such tissues in our healthy muscles. The body ahs mechanisms to recuperate from the daily dose of physical activities, but some things can throw the system out of balance. A combined effect of poor posture, rigorous training, nutrition, stress, rest, movement pattern and other lifestyle dependent factors can put too much pressure on muscles to recover.

Why do foam rolling if it hurts?

Many people are foreign to the concept of deep tissue massage. Foam rolling enables one to take control of their recovery and healing by applying pressure on trigger points as desired. One can feel what is happening to their muscles and vary the rhythm accordingly. SMR establishes proper muscle movement and gradually improves performance, even though it is uncomfortable or painful at times.